Swimming Pool Modified

Renovating your swimming pool can be a matter of simply reinstate it to its original sparkle by replacing
all or parts of its coping, tile, light and/or plaster with new and updated materials or, if you wish, it can
be an opportunity to upgrade your pool’s look and functionality with new luxury&contemporary features,composites and equipment. The decisions of what and how much are entirely yours and should be defined in detail,
carefully considered, and completed by well versed professionals of Mermaid’s Riviera. We will take the lead with your pool renovation by personally inspecting and assessing your pool’s condition; educating and guiding you through your material, finish and feature options; and, then, preparing a written proposal itemizing the costs of material and
labor for each renovation task. Upon commencement, we will be onsite to personally coordinate and manage
the entire project from start to completion and then back-up our work with a 5 year warranty.

Mermaids Riviera Landscaping is a certified and professional swimming pool companies in india. As a top-rated swimming pool company in india, We design, construct, and maintain swimming pools as per your requirements, taste, and also for the long life of your swimming pool in india.