Swimming Pool Design

You may be excite to build a new inground swimming pool but before jumping in, you should give serious thought to its design&Shape. There are some key factors describes by Mermaid’s Riviera to consider that will do more than just contribute to the pool’s look.  When the design is properly planned and laid out it will maximize your investment and overall enjoyment of the pool and gives you a next level status in your neighbourhood.



Design and shape  should be considered in the very early stages of the making of swimming pool . One of the important things to consider when designing an inground pool or considering its shape is the ”WHO” and the ”WHAT”. Simply put, who will be using the pool and what will it be used for. Examples of “who” might include a family with young children, an empty nester or a family that likes to entertain. The answer to this question will help to determine the pool’s design and shape. Should it be freeform (one without a conventional shape), geometric or a hybrid of the two? The who and what will also affect the pool’s size. It is very important to determine the pool’s primary users and its primary uses. Will it be mostly for sport, lounging, hanging out, playing poolside basketball or a combination of all of the mentioned uses?  Will users want it for exercise, therapeutics, casual diving and lap swimming? Uses should play a large  role in deciding the pool’s size and shape. Mermaid’s Riviera can help you choose or create the pool shape that’s right for you.


Keep in mind that your backyard only has a certain amount of space. The actual size of the pool is not the only factor in your decision such as major and minor pool accessories like pool covers, decks and patios, diving boards and slides, fencing, and storage.
You will want your pool integrated into your backyard in a way that will fit with the rest of your landscape and lifestyle that includes optimal outdoor living.
Mermaid’s Riviera is endlessly dedicated to each and every aspects of your project.


In warmer climates, some people may prefer bigger pools to help cool off on hot days. And a grander pool can also help retain cool water temperatures for longer periods.
You can enjoy the sunshine and company of family and friends, all without feeling uncomfortable from the high temperatures!


Last but not least, decide upon the specialty features and options you want to be built into the structure of the pool as this will significantly influence the shape, size and look of the pool.
Do you envision a rock waterfall/grotto, an attached or detached spa or a jacuzzi and a sun deck with Patio, Pergola and gazebo? Some options work best in certain type pools.Eg-Deck & patio are the core decor area of a pool’s design and look.
The features you select will ultimately determine the pool’s shape and aesthetics.



When Mermaid’s Riviera works on a project  it keeps all these aspects in mind that elegance of a lap pool’s design is an excellent complement both for your landscape and architectural home.
These pools allow you to get a pleasant workout and relaxing mind. Lap pools are great because they are incredibly beneficial to your health, and an investment in your health is one that is always worth it, lap pool provides you both healthy & luxury lifestyle at single place. 


 If your home is luxurious and traditional, then a classic rectangle pool is one of the best options as the pool’s straight lines will not overpower the property’s ageless elegance; in fact, those clean edgeswill reinforce the architecture’s magnificence, creating an even greater aura of sophistication.
But don’t let your imagination stop there. Rectangular pools are the little black dress of pool design.


 The name comes, unsurprisingly, from the way the pool looks. The lack of a traditional pool border on one side means that the water flows over the edge, creating a sense of endless water to swim in.Infinity pools are considered a luxury feature that can add value to a property. They can make a home more attractive to potential buyers and increase its resale value.


This deck-level perimeter-overflow pool includes one side that works like an infinity edge, taking full advantage of the property’s oceanfront view.
 Perimeter overflow pools are an optical illusion that uses water to mimic mirrors and flat deck surfaces. Water overflows on all sides into a trough in the deck, functioning like a 360-degreevanishing edge. When viewed from overhead or from afar, the pool appears to be a flat surface onthe deck.


Freeform pools live up to their name: Because their shapes do not have to obey the rules of geometry, they can become whatever the designer visualizes, making them ideal for most properties.Homes in natural, tropical, or rustic settings are exceptional candidates because freeform pools blend in seamlessly with their surroundings, morphing into the setting and appearing to be organicin origin. With imaginative landscaping, hardscaping, and lighting, a freeform pool can mimic atropical lagoon, a secret oasis, or a tranquil waterway with a grecious grotto.



Architectural pool gives your home a endless luxury touch  Just the name gives it away: an architectural pool must have structure, definite lines, and often echoes the form of the house and uses the same materials for a cohesive look. An architectural pool is usually geometric, sophisticated, and designed by an architect. If the house is custom-built, the pool is normally built at the same time, taking in the size of the lot and the layout and relationship of the house to the pool.


Geometric pools rely on mathematics for their sharp good looks, and like the geometric gemscreated by the cubist masters, they instantly become enduring works of art. Coupled with specialdesign features like fountain bubblers, vanishing edges, overflows, and spillways, this type ofswimming pool is the choice for those seeking the ultimate luxury & bliss touch.Full of squares, rectangles, triangles, and other carefully formulated shapes, geometric pools are best
suited for contemporary or modern properties. They become an extension of the home’s ascetic appeal, providing the perfect counterpart to the property’s overall beauty— which is the reason why geometric pools also work well in desert or other Spartan environments.


 Natural pools were developed in central and western Europe in the early and mid-1980s bydesigners and landscape architects with environmental concerns. They have recently been growingin popularity as an alternative to traditional swimming pools. NSPs are constructed bodies of waterin which no chemicals or devices that disinfect or sterilize water are used, and all the cleaning of the pool is achieved purely with the motion of the water through biological filters and plants rootedhydroponically in the system. In essence, NSPs seek to recreate swimming holes and swimmablelakes, the environment where people feel safe swimming in a non-polluted, healthy, andecologically balanced body of water


Zero-entry pools, also known as ‘beach-entry pools’ or ‘walk-in pools’, are a style of swimming pool people characterised by their sloping entrance. Unlike traditional pools, zero-entry pools replace bulky stairs and ladders with a slope, creating a seamless transition between land and water.
Zero-entry pools are rapidly becoming one of the most popular contemporary designs in luxury pools.
If you’re interested in owning a stunning pool with aesthetic and functional benefits, a zero-entry pool might be right for you.