Consultancy Service


Consultancy services may be of an advisory, supervisory, or implementation nature and are provided by skilled experts with specialized knowledge and experience.

 The services rendered by consultants are normally for a finite period of time and a well-defined scope of work described by clear terms of reference (TOR) and are generally of an intellectual nature.


The main need for consulting services occurs when an organization or client does not have the required expertise of its own. This may occur for various reasons:
♦ Τhe expertise may be needed only for a limited and clearly defined period.

♦ It may be highly specialized and not readily available within a particular organization or entity.
♦ It may be expensive and thus feasible only when outside resources are available to pay for it.

♦ It may be required to support and develop the capacity of an agency and its personnel to ensure that a project is
implemented to high standards and that the results of the project investment are sustainable.

The consultancy services we offer are as follows :

          ♦ New Build Consultancy (Commercial & Domestic)

           ♦ Pool Surveys  

           ♦ Swimming Pool Refurbishments

           ♦ Pool Problems and Troubleshooting

           ♦ New Swimming Pool Designs

           ♦ Project Management

As one of the INDIA’s leading swimming pool consultants, Mermaid’s Riviera offer independent, expert advice for the design and construction of new swimming pools. To reap the rewards of a large investment such as a swimming pool, contractors must have access to specialist knowledge. After all, a well-designed pool from specialist pool design consultants is an asset that will provide years of enjoyment for many.