Selection Of Plants or Your Resort


a) Select the right planter
Choose planters that can provide enough space for the roots of the plants. Also, keep in mind that you can choose from a wide variety of planters. So, you have endless options to choose planters that can seamlessly blend in with the design theme of the Resort.

b) Taking care of plants
All your plants kept in a Resort shall be in a healthy state. A dry, about to die plant can create and leave a negative impression on your visitor. Daily maintenance of plants, watering them on time, and giving nutrient supplements can ensure that pants are in a good shape and size.

c) Check for allergies
For the plants that you choose for the visitor rooms, be aware that some of the plants can be allergic to a few guests. Please ensure that these plants don’t cause a problem to your guests.


Which plant is good for entrance?

Torch Ginger, Lucky Bamboo, Cigar Plant,Bird of Paradise are some of the plants that are best suited for entrances. On seeing beautiful plants with vibrant colours, visitors can feel relaxed and welcomed. Hence picking up these plants for entrances can be a great choice.

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